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1/48 WWBA48007 Buccaneer S.1 Intakes & Bomb Bay Conversion Set 1/48 WBA48008 Royal Navy Sea King HU.5 - 771 Sqn. Detail Set 1/72 WBA72135 Dauphin G-HEMS - Great North Air Ambulance Detail Set 1/172 WBA72145 Puma - Portuguese Air Force Detail Set 1/72 WBA72146 S-61N Canadian Coast Guard (old scheme) Conversion Set 1/72 WBA72151 USAF Reserve UH-1H 304th ARRS Detail Set 1/72 WBA72141 S-55 - Sabena Conversion Set 1/72 WBA72147 Bo.105DBS Bond - Northern Lighthouse Board + East Anglian Air Ambulance Detail Set 1/72 WBA72152 Congo FAC Dove Detail Set
1/72 WPX72040VR Westland Dragonfly - Royal Navy 1/72 WPX72049VR Bristol Sycamore in German service 1/72 WPX72050 Whirlwind HCC.12 - Queen's Flight 1/144 WPX44014 F-4J Phantom Blue Angels 1/144 WWPX44015 F-4C - Spanish Air Force
Conversions, Accessories & Decals
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